What is the power Maximizer ?

This Space energy technology is opening new horizons for abundant source of clean energy can be tapped from the space .

“ PowerMaximizer “ a Smart Mechanical device the first kind works as mechanical Load absorber , should be installed in-between any mechanical power source and load  for example ( in between electrical motor and water pump , in between combustion engine and drivetrain , in between wind turbine torque and Alternator )

The main technical advantages of the power Maximizer as follows  :

  • Absorb 70-80% from the mechanical load continuously , therefor only 20-30% from the load can be reflected or transferred to input power source .
  • Increase output speed 50-60% ( withoutimpact on input torque source )
  • Increase mechanical output torque 2-10 times ( without any impact on input speed source )
  • Increase overall power output 100-500%

Where is Energy coming from ?

There is abundant energy in space. Although most of deep space is cold and dark, space is flooded constantly by electromagnetic energy. All the stars in the universe produce energy and transmit that energy into space. Planets, asteroids and moons reflect that energy back. Because most of the objects in space are in motion, there is also kinetic energy in space.

Only 4% of the Universe is made of ordinary matter. Following the latest measurements and cosmological models, 73% of the cosmic energy budget seems to consist of “dark energy” and 23% of dark matter.

Trasnkinect R&D program has provenrelationship between

Gravity  ,Buoyance and Centrifugal  force

These forces are interacting with dark energy in space collecting clean energy .

Records and Test results talks lauder

The experiment results , showed output power values ( orange Line ) is above the input power values ( blue line ) which does not represent any violation for thermodynamics laws rather than collecting extra energy from the space ,

(Load) Power
out in watts
(Input) power
in watts
Reaction on Input
source in watts
Surplus power
in %
Power from
space in watts
0 1350 0 0 0
1074 1575 225 480% 849
3267 1950 600 540% 2667
3047 2025 675 450% 2372
3144 1950 600 520% 2544
3659 2100 750 490% 2909

As we see in from chart after eliminating losses due to power conversion from electrical to mechanical thru AC motor and from mechanical to electrical thru AC Generator as explained when , the results confirming new evidence for power gain and efficiency around  480-520%

The power Maximizer( loadAbsorber) has shown energy surplus due to the interaction f or the system and the dark energy from space ( the research team still investigating factors and parameters that affect the collection for energy from space .

The Power maximizer is not proposing any sort of free energy machine violating  laws of physics as Newton , Thermodynamics .  The present innovation is not based on theory could work or not in reality, the mechanical load absorber ( The Power Maximizer )  taught by the present invention is based on testing conducted in real world conditions, which generated astonishing results and research team invite any one can try and test it .

The Power Maximizertechnology  (patent pending application was filled under nr 62/902,299  at united states Patent and Trademarks office on 9/18/2019 ) and open for licencing to serious manufacturers .